Oh hey…

Life gets crazy. So I haven’t blogged…

And it’s time to move on. With the focus in my life shifting further and further away from blogging, it’s time to let this piece of my life go. I will leave the blog up for a few more days, then delete it. I pay for hosting, so I can’t even leave it up for archival purposes.

I will be focusing on Instagram to tell my story. You can follow me at instagram.com/rhondachristian

Thank you for being part of my journey!

An amazing weekend

I had the pleasure of seeing all but one of my “best girls” over the weekend! Friday night, I met up with Brooke and Peaches, two absolute best friends from my childhood. We used to have sleepovers a lot when we were kids and thought it would be fun to do it again in our 30s. We stayed the night at Brooke’s beautiful house in my hometown, since she is the only one without kids. Anyone with kids can tell you, you are going to want a night without responsibility. It was a much-needed evening. We caught up, drank wine, ate dips, talked about marriage and family, and laughed – oh how we laughed!

Saturday morning, I rushed back to Gulfport to clean my house in preparation for a party. I hosted a Premier jewelry party and let me just say, we had the best time! A little bubbly and bling goes a long way! Big shout out to Grace and Ashley, my two most dependable girls. I invited over 50 people and they are the only ones who made it. We had a lot of fun anyway. Always do!

Having girlfriends is such an important and amazing part of my life. For years, I didn’t really have close friends that I made effort to see. I am so grateful that I have these gals to help me laugh and cry through life!

Hump Day Dump Day

I have been trying samples of a product that I can’t wait to tell you all about. I am only 4 days in and seeing a difference. Eek, dying to share! Soon!

My classes started back on Monday and I could not be less excited about these two – Healthcare Systems and Healthcare Legislation. Are you asleep yet?

I am back into the routine of working out on the daily. It’s not always intense, but if I don’t make a conscious effort to do something – even just a plank – I will fall out of the habit and go weeks without exercise. While I enjoy working out, there’s so much else I need and want to do on a daily basis. I hear people say all the time “I don’t have time to work out.” Yeah, me either. yet somehow, I do it.

Nicholas’ birthday is this weekend. He will be 9. NINE. I don’t know how this is already here. One day I will wake up with a teenager in the house. Hard to even imagine.

Nick’s party is Saturday and I’ve had ONE RSVP. Not cool. We invited his entire class and I have no way of knowing if they are actually not coming or if they just aren’t the replying type. Our parties are usually all pretty small, but I can’t handle the idea of preparing for only 10 guests and 25 showing up. There’s also the matter of disappointment. I do not want my soft-hearted child’s feelings to be hurt if none of this classmates show.

What’s going on in your life this week?

The story of a drink

In my early college days, I was a drinker of all things girly – Zima, hard lemonade, and colorful cocktails made with rum and vodka. Just before I dropped out of school, I started dating a beer fiend and developed a taste for it – not Bud Light and all those nasty light domestics, but the good stuff. Craft beers and imports became my favorite drinks. Then sometime in that era of my life, I discovered red wine and wine became my jam. When I was 24 and working in a bar and grill, a regular customer always ordered Bailey’s on the rocks. This customer was adorable. She had perfect skin, the cutest bob, and big friendly eyes. One day as I was carrying her Bailey’s to the table, I caught a whiff of it and it was all I could do to not lean down and take a sip of the creamy liqueur.

A couple of days after serving the Bailey’s I sat down at a table after work to unwind. I ordered a Bailey’s on the rocks. It was love at first sip. It became my favorite thing to drink when I just wanted one slow, relaxing drink. I ordered it frequently for after-work drinks. I had been flirting with a fellow server and he served many of those drinks to me. One day, I sat down to a quiet corner table as soon as I clocked out. My crush sat down beside me immediately, having just clocked out himself.

“Can I buy you a Bailey’s?” I took the Bailey’s and he took my heart…. and gave me a baby.

After that pregnancy, I couldn’t go back to the Bailey’s. I associated it with my baby daddy and that whole heartbreak. I’ve healed and moved past it though. I bought Bailey’s for my coffee over the weekend. It was glorious. Yesterday, I got my Christmas gift from Dustin (we exchanged late). He gifted me with a gorgeous green bag and a Bailey’s gift set.

IMG 0670 225x300 The story of a drink

IMG 0668 300x225 The story of a drink

I now only associate Bailey’s with the sweet and creamy taste of an irish cream liqueur.

A little throwback

It’s Thursday, a time when people across social media post their “throwback” pictures and memories.  I don’t always do it, but I have a love of nostalgia, of daydreaming about old times and browsing through old pictures.   I decided to go into my pictures boxes, where all my old pictures live and pull out 3 pictures at random.  I will use the best technology to take a picture of it with my phone to post here (because I’m too lazy to scan), along with the story behind the image.

tbt1 A little throwback

Let’s take a closer look at these snaps from my early 20s.

image2 e1420690406251 A little throwback

2006 – My bestie Wendy and me celebrating my 25th birthday and her 22nd, I believe.  It was such a great night.  We were having drinks with many friends at the restaurant where we met working, Buffalo Wild Wings.  I remember my hair being in hot rollers at work that day and that i bought a below-the-knee dress from walmart and shortened it.  I miss you, Wendy!  We need another joint birthday!

image3 e1420691015377 A little throwback

2005 – Another night at Buffalo Wild Wings as many nights were in those days.  I was 24 in this picture and newly pregnant (though only Wendy knew at this point).  My boobs were definitely telling that story though.  The other gals are Vanessa and Brynn.  We all worked there together.  I remember that this night, I drank virgin drinks on the sly.


image4 e1420691264400 A little throwback

2001? 2002? I’m not sure? – I was in my early 20s and took this shot of Kyle, my fiance at the time.  It had come a good snow in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  That’s my apartment building in the background.  That is my car covered in the snow.  That was a great night.  We went with my roommate Jennifer and our friend Brian to play in the snow all over the city.


There you have 3 random shots!  I think I may do this most every week, because that was fun!  Do you go through your photos pretty often?

2015 Goals (with an update)

Every year I make a reasonable list of goals for the new year. Let’s take a look at 2014’s goals and which ones are left outstanding.  The red items were not accomplished, the blue are in progress, and the green are completed…

1. Go the entire year without a significant haircut.

I totally failed at this. I chopped my hair short again in early fall. I am once again trying to grow it out. It is starting to brush the shoulders again. You will see a hair goal again for 2015.

2. Lose the entirety of baby weight from this pregnancy.

I did lose half of it. It is a work in progress. Look for more body goals in 2015.

3. Finish decorating the living room – rug, curtains, couch.

We got new couches this year and a rug. The rug is temporary though, as it’s just not big enough. Curtains are yet to be acquired. Close, but just not quite marked off the list yet.

4. Get deck furniture.

This is not even a little bit in progress.

5. Finally get family pictures.

This still hasn’t happened, but it is scheduled for April 2015!

6. Convert someone to a NSNG lifestyle.

I did this, two times over! It wasn’t necessarily me actively trying to convert them, but just leading by example which really is the best way.

7. Finish decorating our bedroom – new bed and bedding, rug, curtains, bedside tables.

Decided not to get a new bed. It became more comfortable once I wasn’t pregnant. Did get new bedding and tables, still working on the rest.

8. Take A Southern Medley to a new selling platform.

I did this, but not sure how long I will stay there.

9. Take A Southern Medley to a craft fair.

Didn’t happen.

10. Go to the beach alone with my husband.


11. Organize my businesses – accounting and all that un-fun stuff.

I did this, then quit using it when I wasn’t really making any sales. Unfortunately, I didn’t pick it back up when business picked up.

12. Get Wino Wellness up and running.

Done and … well, not. I will talk more about this in 2015 goals.

13. Organize my nail polish collection.

Done! Twice!

14. Get Harper ready for Kindergarten.

I didn’t think he was ready, but turns out he knew much more than he let on. Done!

15. Pay down some debt.

Baby steps, but I did say SOME, so I’ll call this CHECK!


2015goals 300x300 2015 Goals (with an update)


Now, the plans for 2015!  I am a believer in goals evolving and changing throughout time.  Though some of my goals for 2014 were not accomplished, they make not make the new list… they simply aren’t priorities for me anymore.  You  may see some appear on the list again, but slightly different.  Let’s see…


1. Reach my goal weight and keep it there.

2. See my cousins more.

3. Begin a printed picture project – either printing and putting into albums or creating “yearbooks.”

4. Develop the right working mother’s cleaning schedule for my household.

5. Finish decorating the first floor of our house. (living room, master bed and bath, laundry room, kitchen, dining room, half bath)

6. Start a new business with my partner.  I got Wino Wellness up and going, then everything changed.  I will write an entire post on this, but for now I’ll say that I have a partner and we are planning an amazing business.

7. Grow my hair long enough to donate.  I don’t know if it’s possible for me to grow it that long in a year, but I will not have any major haircuts in 2015.  I hope.

8. Take the kids on a family vacation.

9. Read 50 books.

10. Have a spring yard sale.


As with every year, the goals are likely to change.  I just want to better myself year to year and make a nice home in the progress.

The Wish List

It’s that time again – time to publish my annual birthday/Christmas wish list! I absolutely love doing this post every year. I know I most likely won’t get anything off the list, but I still do it yearly because I think it’s fun to read what others want and it helps me keep track of what I want to buy most when I have the chance.
wish1 The Wish List

(all links are affiliate links, so that maybe I can buy 6-packs of hair product)

Canon Rebel – This is in my perpetual Wish List for All of Life.  One day, I’ll get it.  In the meantime, my Canon Elph and iPhone 5s will suffice.

Batiste dark & deep brown dry shampoo – This product is life-giving and I’m always sad when I run out.  I’m currently rotating orginial Batiste and Frederic Fekkai dry shampoos and they just don’t compare.  Therefore, I have added a 6-pack of dark brown Batiste to my wish list.

Crate and Barrel Camille 23 oz. Long Stem Red Wine Glass The Wish ListOlivia Pope’s Wine glasses – Crate & Barrel’s Camille glasses are where it’s at.  I must have these to pour my red in so that I can sit on the couch in white and watch Scandal.

Tervis water bottle – Tervis tumblers have long been my drinking vessel of choice. However, when I’m out and about, I like to take water and I can’t just toss a big ole tumbler into my purse unless I like making said purse a soggy mess. Enter Tervis water bottles. It’s a must.

Z Palette – This is also a longstanding part of my Wish List for All of Life. They aren’t very expensive, so I can’t really explain why I don’t have one. I am obsessed with minimizing clutter and repackaging things, so I NEED a Z palette or two to streamline my shadows.

Thigh high cable knit socks – I don’t do pants. I hate wearing pants so in the winter, it can get a little chill-ay. I need these in my life as pseudopants.

Have you issued a wish list for friends and family? Are you like me and kind of feel like the list is never-ending? Trust me, I could have added a lot more!

a Southern medley holidays

If you don’t already know, I have a handmade business, a Southern medley. After last Christmas, business fell off some, then I stopped creating and promoting with Claudia’s entrance into the family. Well, I’ve hit my creative groove again! The shop is open again, with clearance mugs priced at $4! I have opened up custom designs again as well. I have also added a few note card designs. I think they’re my new favorite item to create. I’m actually going to be adding a SERVICE to my shop soon and can’t wait to reveal more about that! I think that part of the business will launch after the holidays, as it’s going to take a lot of work to get off the ground.

IMG 3103 e1416627966950 225x300 a Southern medley holidays
Being a small business owner is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but also one of the most exciting! I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for a Southern medley.
logo 500 300x202 a Southern medley holidays


free 300x300 free

Recently, I did something I had intended to do for at least the past ten years.

I got a tattoo.

IMG 8650 300x300 free

I knew that I wanted my first tattoo to be simple, delicate, feminine, and meaningful. Gavin DeGraw (many of you know he is my all-time favorite musical artist) has a song called “Free” that really speaks to me. Also, I’m totally free spirit. In many other ways as well, “FREE” is just a word that holds a lot of weight in my life.

IMG 8855 e1416450735932 225x300 free

I have been so pleased with my tattoo and I can’t wait to get more! I will definitely be going back to see Sean at Jack and Diane’s (he did Dustin’s tattoo as well!) for the rest!

The 3 shortest years of all time

It’s so hard to believe that I once again have a 3-year-old son. It is truly such a precious age and I savor it with each of my children. Quentin Xavier is by far the most charming and dynamic child I have. He is absolutely hilarious and unbelievably expressive. It’s seriously impossible to stop smile around him, even when he’s being legitimately naughty. Everything he does is adorable (well, except peeing on the floor at random) and Lord, he knows it.

We had a small party for Quentin, family only. We had planned a party with everyone we know invited, but considering we have been recycling our illnesses, we didn’t want to invite someone from the “outside” into our home just yet. We really had a great time though!

cake The 3 shortest years of all time
q face The 3 shortest years of all time
cut cake The 3 shortest years of all time
present The 3 shortest years of all time

This kid is challenging. Oh boy, is he challenging. He still somehow manages being an absolute angel who completes a part of my heart. I can’t imagine our lives without the guy!

pixel The 3 shortest years of all time