The Wish List

It’s that time again – time to publish my annual birthday/Christmas wish list! I absolutely love doing this post every year. I know I most likely won’t get anything off the list, but I still do it yearly because I think it’s fun to read what others want and it helps me keep track of what I want to buy most when I have the chance.
wish1 The Wish List

(all links are affiliate links, so that maybe I can buy 6-packs of hair product)

Canon Rebel – This is in my perpetual Wish List for All of Life.  One day, I’ll get it.  In the meantime, my Canon Elph and iPhone 5s will suffice.

Batiste dark & deep brown dry shampoo – This product is life-giving and I’m always sad when I run out.  I’m currently rotating orginial Batiste and Frederic Fekkai dry shampoos and they just don’t compare.  Therefore, I have added a 6-pack of dark brown Batiste to my wish list.

Crate and Barrel Camille 23 oz. Long Stem Red Wine Glass The Wish ListOlivia Pope’s Wine glasses – Crate & Barrel’s Camille glasses are where it’s at.  I must have these to pour my red in so that I can sit on the couch in white and watch Scandal.

Tervis water bottle – Tervis tumblers have long been my drinking vessel of choice. However, when I’m out and about, I like to take water and I can’t just toss a big ole tumbler into my purse unless I like making said purse a soggy mess. Enter Tervis water bottles. It’s a must.

Z Palette – This is also a longstanding part of my Wish List for All of Life. They aren’t very expensive, so I can’t really explain why I don’t have one. I am obsessed with minimizing clutter and repackaging things, so I NEED a Z palette or two to streamline my shadows.

Thigh high cable knit socks – I don’t do pants. I hate wearing pants so in the winter, it can get a little chill-ay. I need these in my life as pseudopants.

Have you issued a wish list for friends and family? Are you like me and kind of feel like the list is never-ending? Trust me, I could have added a lot more!

a Southern medley holidays

If you don’t already know, I have a handmade business, a Southern medley. After last Christmas, business fell off some, then I stopped creating and promoting with Claudia’s entrance into the family. Well, I’ve hit my creative groove again! The shop is open again, with clearance mugs priced at $4! I have opened up custom designs again as well. I have also added a few note card designs. I think they’re my new favorite item to create. I’m actually going to be adding a SERVICE to my shop soon and can’t wait to reveal more about that! I think that part of the business will launch after the holidays, as it’s going to take a lot of work to get off the ground.

IMG 3103 e1416627966950 225x300 a Southern medley holidays
Being a small business owner is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but also one of the most exciting! I can’t wait to see what 2015 holds for a Southern medley.
logo 500 300x202 a Southern medley holidays


free 300x300 free

Recently, I did something I had intended to do for at least the past ten years.

I got a tattoo.

IMG 8650 300x300 free

I knew that I wanted my first tattoo to be simple, delicate, feminine, and meaningful. Gavin DeGraw (many of you know he is my all-time favorite musical artist) has a song called “Free” that really speaks to me. Also, I’m totally free spirit. In many other ways as well, “FREE” is just a word that holds a lot of weight in my life.

IMG 8855 e1416450735932 225x300 free

I have been so pleased with my tattoo and I can’t wait to get more! I will definitely be going back to see Sean at Jack and Diane’s (he did Dustin’s tattoo as well!) for the rest!

The 3 shortest years of all time

It’s so hard to believe that I once again have a 3-year-old son. It is truly such a precious age and I savor it with each of my children. Quentin Xavier is by far the most charming and dynamic child I have. He is absolutely hilarious and unbelievably expressive. It’s seriously impossible to stop smile around him, even when he’s being legitimately naughty. Everything he does is adorable (well, except peeing on the floor at random) and Lord, he knows it.

We had a small party for Quentin, family only. We had planned a party with everyone we know invited, but considering we have been recycling our illnesses, we didn’t want to invite someone from the “outside” into our home just yet. We really had a great time though!

cake The 3 shortest years of all time
q face The 3 shortest years of all time
cut cake The 3 shortest years of all time
present The 3 shortest years of all time

This kid is challenging. Oh boy, is he challenging. He still somehow manages being an absolute angel who completes a part of my heart. I can’t imagine our lives without the guy!

The 31st of October

The 31st of October was obviously Halloween. We dressed up with our kids to trick or treat and my friend Laurie joined us with her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. It was one of the best Halloweens I’ve had in a long time.

halloween14 The 31st of October
witch The 31st of October
halloween14 2 The 31st of October
costumes The 31st of October

It was more than Halloween though – the 31st also marked Claudia’s seventh month! She is now intentionally saying “Mama” and I can’t even handle the sweetness! She loves veggies and eggs. She gets all over the house by rolling and scooting. I can always tell I need to dust mop when I pick her up and she’s covered in Stella’s hair.

7 months The 31st of October

I can’t believe time is passing so quickly, but I am truly enjoying and soaking in each moment!

I don’t want to put her down…


Claudia Love turned 6 months at the beginning of October. Ever since, I’ve just had the hardest time putting her down. She is growing so fast and one day this stage will be but a memory.

IMG 7484 200x300 I dont want to put her down...

I don’t want to put her down…

Because one day, she will be playing with her brothers and too busy for me.

Because one day, she will refuse to hold my hand in the store.

Because one day, she won’t want me to kiss her in front of her classmates.

Because one day, she will lock herself away in her bedroom all day.

Because one day, I will have to drop her off at the homecoming dance…

and then suddenly a boyfriend will be driving her.

Because one day, she will come back to my arms, but it will be because she needs her mama to soothe a broken heart.

Because one day, I will have to literally and figuratively “let go” as she moves out, creates her own adult life … maybe getting married, moving away, starting her own family….

Because one day, she will be a fiercely independent woman who was once a baby cradled in my arms, looking at me with that sleepy, gummy smile.


I am feeling so sentimental about Claudia lately. The time is going by so quickly, as I feared it would. This girl brings so much joy to our lives.

Hump Day Dump Day (a little late)

On a daily basis, I do great with diet. It’s when my mom is in town that everything goes to shit. She cooks homemade dumplings and cake and it’s full of grains, full of sugar, full of everything I avoid on a daily basis. She is leaving today after being here for 4 days. Cleaning up the diet, thank you very much.

I have been selling Claudia’s outgrown clothes in various venues. If anyone is interested, I will do a blog sale. Please comment if you’d be interested in seeing what I have.

My classes are going well so far this fall, but I’ve fallen into terrible procrastinating habits. I think that’s coming from the fact that the classes are fairly easy for me. It’s mostly info I already know and the things I don’t know are fun for me to learn. Today it has reached a bad place. I have a 3-page scientific research paper due tonight and I have to work this evening. Don’t ask how much I’ve done. I just read the assignment late last night.

I decided to start reorganizing and decorating the entire house by focusing on one room at at time. After a year in this house, it’s still not fully decorated and I hate some of the decor I chose last year. I’ll be sharing some of the projects and room reveals here. I’m pretty pumped about it. I am starting with our bedroom because I want it to be a nice and relaxing area for us to escape all the craziness that is our family. icon wink Hump Day Dump Day (a little late)

I just want to leave you with this… this sweet thing turned 5 months on Sunday! Where does the time go?!

5m Hump Day Dump Day (a little late)
mat bw Hump Day Dump Day (a little late)
denim Hump Day Dump Day (a little late)
pretty bw Hump Day Dump Day (a little late)

Sometimes I’m the worst

I always have amazing ideas and ambitions, but the problem is that I have too many things I want to do. I can’t do EVERYTHING. I think I have finally come to accept that. I have a HUGE secret project going on right now and with that, I’m going to drop a lot of other projects and focus on the things I’m most passionate about and the things I want to do for a lifetime. I hope that I can continue updating this blog because I love sharing what’s going on with my life, connecting with readers, and just having a venue to JUST. WRITE.

Going forward, I have to stop striving to have an amazing blog. You’re going to get what I can give. It’s that simple. I just have other priorities. I can’t deal with blogging on a schedule right now, even for my fitness updates. I don’t know what kind of posts you’ll get, honestly. We shall see!

I’ll leave you with this cuteness.

cl1 Sometimes Im the worst

Hump Day Dump Day

Today was so busy and so insanely crazy. I worked on cleaning mine and Dustin’s bathroom for probably four hours. Have you heard of the iPhone app Unfuck Your Habitat? It’s pretty awesome. It’s simple, but it’s really helping me to clean up and take care of projects that I’ve ignored for so long. You should check it out. Nope, totally not paid for this mention. UFYH has no idea who I am. icon smile Hump Day Dump Day Anyway, it took so long because, well…. FOUR KIDS. That is serious stuff.

After cleaning, I showered and dressed. When Dustin got home from work, I headed to Biloxi to fill out EMPLOYMENT PAPERWORK! This mama is going back to work. I’m going back to a retail job I had once before, but starting back as a part time sales associate because that’s all they have at the time. I will be so happy to be working for my wonderful friend Ashley again, waiting for a management position to open up. I am really looking forward to this.

I would not be taking a part-time job if not for another cool bit of news. Dustin’s teenage cousin is coming from St. Louis to stay with us for the summer. Keeping our kids (I originally typed boys out of habit) will be her summer job. She is doing it for room and board only, which affords me the opportunity to just get my foot back in the door at the company that started my love of retail. I am excited to learn more about her and have some help with this house full of children.

Harper and Nick have decided that they want to be roommates now. Harper was sharing with Quentin and Nick had his own room. However, with Harper starting Kindergarten in fall, their maturity gap is closing. They are having so much fun together, so toward the end of the summer, Harper’s stuff will be moved into the schoolboy room. For now, they are sharing on a trial basis. They fight a lot, so we have to see if some of that dissipates.

I’ve been laying out on the deck a couple of times a week and wanted to leave you with this cute picture. Angel Baby wanted in on the action.

swimsuit Hump Day Dump Day

pixel Hump Day Dump Day