Tuesday Ten [9.14.10]

1. A huge decision has been made in our household. I will be going back to school no later than summer 2011. I am excited, scared, and ready to get started!

2. We have been going back and forth over whether we want one more baby. Now, with me going back to school, I’m pretty sure we can’t handle it!

3. I am so thrilled that I have been making a lot of changes in the way my days are filled. I have spent less time online and more time reading and crafting.

4. I have been wearing one black bra every day for over a year. It doesn’t fit and the very thin foam lining is poking out in at least four places. I got a new bra this morning. Old Blackie has been thrown out.

5. I finally bought a headset for my iMac and even though I totally look like I work in a drive-through, I’m excited to use it on a Stickam chat with Chad Rogers tonight!

6. My house has really suffered in the past week, as I increased my reading and crafting time and decreased my cleaning time. One day, I’ll get things balanced out.

7. I think it’s time to get back to putting on clothes and pulling myself together in the mornings. I just felt better when I did that.

8. It has finally cooled off just enough to go walking in the mornings. Now I just need to find a double jogging stroller that will fit both my boys. Do they even make one to fit a 4-year-old?

9. For the first time in awhile, I feel like my life is really lining up the way I want.

10. Nick has gotten really into the library and books. Nothing could make me prouder! We have a weekly library date and it’s the highlight of his week. Love that!

pixel Tuesday Ten [9.14.10]
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