Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

I rarely do tutorials and now you’ll see why. My camera is a cell phone component (only for a few more days!) and I always forget to take a shot of important steps. This tutorial was especially difficult to complete, since black on black doesn’t photograph well.

But here goes anyway…

My mom is the biggest New Orleans Saints fan you could ever meet. Complete. Fanatic. Our family has been loyal to the Saints my entire life. For my mom’s birthday, I made a Saints wreath and it was difficult to give up. I am in love.

I started out with plans to make a variation of the tulle wreath I first spotted last year on Baby Rabies. I was going to make a black tulle wreath, add some gold embellishments, then dangle some sort of fleur de lis in the middle. Well, it ended up nothing like that. First of all, I ran out of time and couldn’t find a fleur de lis. You’ll find out what my next setback was.

I began by spray painting (WalMart $.97) a 6″ vine wreath from Dollar Tree ($1) glossy black. I didn’t intend to paint it glossy, but they were out of matte.

paintwreath 300x200 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

I then began the painstaking process of deciding what length to cut the tulle ($~7 for 6 yards) strips. I repeatedly held the wreath up to my front door to gauge it. I then began simply typing the tulle strips around the wreath, then scrunching them closely together.
IMAG0595 300x200 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL! IMAG0598 300x200 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

As I went around the wreath tying, I kept having to adjust the length I was cutting the strips, because they just weren’t coming out the same. This was my own fault, since I was totally eyeballing it and not measuring. It as at the halfway point that I realized that 1. It was too poufy for my taste. 2. My mom’s door is narrower than mine. 3. My toenail polish was badly chipped. 4. I wasn’t going to have enough tulle to complete the wreath.
half Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

After a few attempts to scale down the foof factor and find a way to make the tulle go all the way around, I began to lose my mind.
head Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

After getting a grip, I cut off all the tulle strips and tested out tying the tulle in a bow. I loved the look, but my glossy vine wreath was shining through in a big way.

bow Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

I thought to wrap the wreath in black ribbon, but I had none. So I did what any good crafter would do. I improvised with what I had on hand…
IMAG0607 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

And cut strips out of an old pair of cords. I then wrapped the corduroy around the wreath, gluing to the back. I actually liked it this way a lot and was sad to cover it with tulle. I am thinking I’ll make another wreath from the other pant leg another day.

IMAG0606 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

I then took my discarded tulle strips and tied them in sloppy bows all the way around. I would DEFINITELY make another tulle wreath this way. I loved the scale of the poof and how much quicker this was to do.

IMAG0610 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

Now that the wreath base was complete, I spray painted a silver frame from Dollar General ($2.50) with Krylon metallic spray paint in Brilliant Gold (free, borrowed from my mom awhile back). I printed off a collage I made and framed that. I then glued ribbon ($0, already in stash) onto the back of the frame and I could kick myself for not photographing this step. I will now attempt to recreate with a diagram.
frame Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!
IMAG0618 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

With the ribbons glued in place, I simply tied them around the wreath, positioning the frame in the center. I wish I’d had wider ribbon to work with, because it kinda gets lost in the tulle and you can’t see how cute it is!
IMAG0616 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!
IMAG0631 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!
IMAG0635 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!
IMAG0637 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL! IMAG0638 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

I even framed a photo of my brother and myself as kids in our Saints shirts to go along with the wreath.
IMAG0623 300x199 Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!

I hope you like it half as much as I do! (Total project cost= ~$9)
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pixel Saints Wreath TUTORIAL!
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