Goals for 2012

I don’t really like to make resolutions, but I always have goals set for myself… not just at the start of the year, but always. I constantly alter them. I may set out to read 50 books, then scale it back when I take on a project I feel is more important. For me, this is the way to go because reading 30 books certainly doesn’t make one a failure. (Would just like to interject here that there are no such reading goals on my list.)

Instead of resolutions, I’d like to just strive for two things this year: To lose 38 pounds and to be a better ME. Well, the first is a very hard and fast goal, whereas the second is quite vague. I ran across this “Become a better you!” printable on The Project Girl. I plan to do one every month. It gives me a great opportunity to set mini-goals all throughout the year. Go check it out on her blog!

betteryou Goals for 2012

I’ll share my January mini-goals with you tomorrow!

pixel Goals for 2012
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