9 months

Quentin has been 9 months for two weeks now, but he had his well visit today. I’m pleased to report that all is well! Perfect, really. He is right on track in development. Just last night, I watched him pull himself to standing. STOP IT! Time is just going by way too quickly. It’s weird (and a little sad) to think this is the last time I’ll watch one of my children hit these milestones.

He weighed in at 22 pounds and 5 ounces (which puts him in the 70th percentile for weight). He is at 29 3/4 inches long (putting him in the 90th percentile for height). Even his head size is in the 90th percentile. He is so big! His hemoglobin levels were perfect. He is, as far as I’m concerned, perfect in every way. simple smile 9 months

The pediatrician was pleased with his eating habits as well. He eats stage 2 food when he’s eating jarred (stage 3 generally grosses me out) and he eats a lot of table food. His favorite is spaghetti squash with homemade meat sauce. He loves a good snack of puffs or little pieces of fruit. The doctor advised us to start filling his bottles with half formula and half whole milk about three weeks before his birthday so we can see how he does with cow’s milk (he’s a soy formula-fed baby).

And now, the cute stuff…

9 mos collage 9 months

pixel 9 months
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