Fourth Anniversary

Today is mine and Dustin’s 4th anniversary! It has been quite a crazy ride but I’m so glad I get to do life with him every day.

wedding album Fourth Anniversary

Today we went to my OB appointment and I got quite the surprise! I’m already 2 centimeters dilated. At 35 weeks. I have been having a lot of contractions, but I realize that it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Many women can walk around dilated for weeks. For me, it’s exciting even though I’m having a c-section. It’s awesome that my body isn’t broken like I’d previously believed. I have never dilated past a 1 without Pitocin. I think I got to a 2 with Quentin, but that was at 42 weeks! I’m okay with going into labor early, but I’d like to get through this week first!

35 Fourth Anniversary

Tonight we are going out to dinner and making a couple store stops. Romance is different for everyone and for us it means not cutting up others’ food, having a conversation, and browsing stores without anybody crying. We are eating at the classiest, fanciest establishment, the place where we ate our wedding dinner. Buffalo Wild Wings. We love a good tradition.

The past couple of days have consisted of NESTING FRENZY. My mom is here painting Claudia’s room. I have been cleaning like mad. The rest of this week, I’ll be making nursery decor, pacifier clips, hair bows, and burp cloths. Next week I plan to wash baby clothes and bottles and finalize everything! This is really happening and I can’t believe my blessings. A girl! Oh how I’ve waited so long for her.

nursery paint Fourth Anniversary

I can’t think of a better way to spend my anniversary than soaking up my last pregnancy, having dinner with my groom, and enjoying my children.

pixel Fourth Anniversary
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